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Agentech is a technology company develops novel products with meaningful innovations since its inception in 2004. We offer consumers a wide range of integrated wireless automation and video surveillance products and services from a small house to a large, networked houses and enterprise requirements. No other company offers complete, customizable, interoperable products as Agenttech. Our engineered and manufactured products have the power to transform our customer’s lives and business. These comprehensive portfolios help us to perfectly match the right products to our customer’s requirements.

Connecting devices group: An integrated and interoperable novel wireless digital home, office automation product development. Our products meet break through simplicity.

Video analytics group : Various video analytics based transformation tools and algorithms for wireless/IP/WLAN/Wimax video surveillance systems, Automatic License Plate Recognition.

Enterprise business group: Customized product development for customers: hardware, novel algorithms for multimedia and enterprise applications.

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Agenttech wins CISCO Technology Award for 2014

Agenttech releases its commercial product into the Domestic and an International market

Agentech has filed 18 Indian and 10 International patents