Rapid product prototypes for customers

Being a technology company, Agenttech has got complete product (hardware, software, and applications) lifecycle design, implementation, and testing and release capacity. We have developed few customized rapid product prototypes for our customers. For more details please contact business development team.


Specific services as per customer specification

We provide a variety of services to customers on

  • Speech(ITU/3gpp) coding technologies

  • Audio and video coding technologies ( MPEG/ISO, WMA9/11 open standard and Proprietary standards)

  • Design and development for real time and DSP  porting and applications

  • Development on Intel’s xScale architecture

  • Texas instruments   DSP core

  • Popular General and handheld OS platform

  • Optimum device driver development

  • Customized application development on windows and Linux platform

  • Microcontroller based designs

  •  Various sensor design and implementation

  • Customized User interface design and development