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  Home/office surveillance system  

Buyer can choose their specific need features from our various possible digital home products features and flavors.  Cost of our products available for various income level and lifestyle.

  1. Wireless home automation:  We provide an integrated, interoperable and reconfigurable wireless digital home automation (lifestyle), access control, sensors and intelligent video surveillance (wireless/IP) products with web porting. All your devices at home will be controlled and monitored through a Zigbee ( other wireless) remote or any mobile phone ( with or with out service provider network) or tablet PC ( any laptop/ PC) running on windows CE / XP / win7 / Android operating system in a stand alone and cloud environment. Our composite (control, video) wireless home automation product could be installed in a new construction or retrofitted into existing homes. Integrated intelligent wireless/IP video surveillance options are available.   It controls and monitors  viz.,  lighting, air conditioning, heating,  moisture sensor,  water motors/sprinklers, surveillance and entertainment systems  in  your home to maximize your safety comfort, convenience and energy savings.  For various models and its feature comparison and to see the brochure, please click here.
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  2. An intelligent and integrated home/office surveillance system: wireless, IP, WLAN, Wimax with customizable wireless control.  We also develop Customizable Video analytics algorithms for security and video surveillance domain products.  For various models and its feature comparison please download brochure here.  
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  3. License plate recognition (LPR):  Our proprietary video analytics algorithm and tools recognize numbers on the vehicle license plate as a text.  This could be compared with database or port through wireless devices for customer specific applications.   This suits for villas, main gate of the gated community, Road toll collection points, etc.  For more details download the brochure.
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